Mal so…

…über mich. Ich…

… zum Gästebuch

…zur Startseite


I hate the words I have to say and every fucking single day
Why can’t you leave me alone it’s so hard to go along
I’m sick of being like the others I’m really getting bothered
I hate pretending to be happy on a day I cannot be
Can’t you take me as I am I know I’m not the promised land
I’m sick of listening to advice it’s bringing me into crisis
I can’t stand it’s all the same tell me who’s the one to blame
If there’s an answer I can’t seem to be the one I wanna be

Will my words ever matter?
Will you read all my letters?

It’s just the way the way you talk I can’t stand the trash you talk
Words that doesn’t mean a thing it’s not even worth to sing
Everybody looks at you believe that they should be like you
Is it really all in vain or do I go insane?


11.6.08 13:13

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